hi, i'm yoga purnama

Graphic Designer

I’m from Indonesia and I have been working as a graphic designer for more than 7 years, and right now I am looking forward to collaborate with you!

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branding and logo creation

Build a Proper Visual Identity for Your Own Brand

Your visual identity, such as logo design, serve as the face of your company. An excellent visual identity and logo will generally stick in the minds of your customers. Don’t worry if you feel stuck with it, I’m here to fulfill your demands.

Social Media Creative

Uplift Your Social Media Existence with Great Design

Have your own unique and refreshing design for your brand’s social media account. Any kind of visual medium, from illustrations to motion graphics. Not only aesthetically pleasing, but also commercially effective. Amplify your marketing strategy now with me.

Packaging & Merch Design

Thoughtfully designed packaging with a great lasting impression, for both digital and physical items.

Infographics Design

Delivering a Knowledge Should Not Be Boring

Landing Page Design

Get a Makeover for Your Landing Page.

Posters & Ad Banners

Your Creative Ads Could Really Do Better

Presentation Design

Pitch Your Idea Nicely with Our Nice Design.

Custom Campaign

Shout Out Your Campaign with Stand Out Design


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